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Customs clearance of commercial cargo in Russia

for businesses

from 20,000 rubles/declaration


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Customs clearance features

We arrange customs clearance for import and export for legal entities in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok and other cities within the Russian Federation. We arrange cargo logistics based on your/our contract. We help to repurchase cargo and clear it through EEU countries. If necessary, we provide import services on a turnkey basis, including the organization of logistics. We arrange customs clearance of shipload lots of goods. Our experienced professionals prepare all the necessary documents to save you from additional costs and speed up the process of issuing the customs declaration.

How does customs clearance work?

We check or select the HS code based on the technical description of the goods


We calculate the customs payments


We check the shipping documents and foreign trade contract


We analyze the risks of the cost of goods (if necessary, we will help to prove the value)


We check the certificates already obtained for the goods or help to obtain them


Filling out the customs declaration


Control over payment of customs duties


Registration and issuance of the customs declaration. We interact directly with customs authorities


What does the cost of customs clearance services depend on?

  • - number of HS codes
  • - number of additional sheets in the declaration
  • - customs station location
  • - additional services: obtaining a classification decision, organizing customs inspection and examination, working with customs value adjustment, etc.

Calculation of customs payments

You can calculate customs payments yourself on our calculator


Turnkey import service

In order to understand how much it will cost to import the goods into the Russian Federation, it is required to add the costs of logistics and customs duties to the purchase price. If necessary, we will take over the entire delivery chain, from the manufacturer's factory all the way to your warehouse, and calculate the cost of the goods.

This scheme of operation is essentially a comprehensive outsourcing of FEA and is beneficial to companies that do not have large enough import volumes to justify the risks and costs of creating their own FEA department.

What is included in the turnkey service

  • - We select the route and mode of transport based on your priorities in terms of time and cost
  • - We conclude a foreign trade contract with the supplier and repurchase the goods
  • - We pick up the cargo from the factory
  • - We mark the goods in accordance with the requirements
  • - We prepare documents for customs clearance
  • - We obtain the necessary declarations and certificates
  • - We act as an importer, clear the goods through customs and deliver them to your warehouse in RF

Calculating the cost of customs clearance

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Примеры выполненных проектов

Все примеры

Customs clearance of cargo with low cost

Objective: arrange a direct contract for compressors and deliver them to the customer's warehouse in St. Petersburg

Lead time:

Challenge: The client contacted us when the container was already on its way from China to St. Petersburg. Upon checking the documents, it turned out that the invoice value of the cargo was lower than the risk, which affected the provisional customs value adjustment

Solution: Once the container was released and delivered to the warehouse, our managers worked with the client to get the supporting documents together in the shortest possible time and prove the real value of the cargo. The amount by which the cargo was corrected was returned to the customer's personal account

Shipping lingerie from China

Objective: to arrange delivery of lingerie from China to Moscow as part of a consolidated shipment, including customs clearance under a direct contract

Lead time:

Solution: Our company employees collected all the necessary documents for shipment and customs clearance, and helped the customer to get a Declaration of Conformity for the products. We organized the cargo to be collected under EXW terms, promptly arranged customs clearance processes, and within 17 days the cargo was at the client's warehouse in Moscow

Delivering and registering biosystem correction devices from Bratislava to Moscow

Objective: To deliver and register biosystem correction devices from Bratislava to Moscow

Lead time: October-November 2022

Challenge: In the current environment, any request for shipping and processing customs clearance for cargo from Europe appears to be a challenging task. Queues at borders, refusal on the part of European shippers to cooperate with Russia, coupling of trucks at border crossings - these are just a few of the problems we face when it comes to registering and organizing the logistics for European goods

Solution: Thanks to our well established delivery scheme and friendly European carriers, we were able to execute this order in the shortest possible time - about two weeks from picking up the cargo in

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