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Находим оптимальные решения для бизнеса по международной логистике в новых условиях. Работаем на импорт и экспорт с генеральными, негабаритными, опасными и сборными грузами от 50 кг. На импорт при необходимости сопровождаем сделку «от двери до двери», включая организацию таможенного оформления. Организовываем доставку всеми видами транспорта, в зависимости от приоритетов клиента по стоимости или срокам.

География работы: Китай, Европа, Корея, США, Индия, ОАЭ, ЮАР, ЮВА

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International logistics in the new reality

Today, companies whose business is linked to international markets are forced to restructure their supply chains. We have prepared logistics solutions taking into account the new realities:

  • - We help to repurchase the goods
  • - We created alternative routes and ways of delivering goods
  • - We started working with new ports and established contacts with friendly shipping lines
  • - We redirected cargo traffic to land modes of transport
  • - We offer export solutions (we address the problem on request)
  • - We found a solution in transporting large lots of goods in the vessel's hold.

Door-to-door delivery service to Russia

What is included in the service:

  • - We select the route and mode of transport based on your priorities in terms of time and cost
  • - We conclude a foreign trade contract with the supplier and repurchase the goods
  • - We pick up the cargo from the factory
  • - We mark the goods in accordance with the requirements
  • - We prepare the documents for customs clearance
  • - We obtain the necessary declarations and certificates
  • - We act as an importer, clear the goods through customs and deliver them to your warehouse in RF


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We conduct customs clearance for businesses. We arrange cargo logistics based on your/our contract

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Door-to-door operation

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International shipping

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Customs clearance

We will prepare all the necessary
documents and conduct
customs clearance


Delivery to the warehouse

We will deliver the cargo to your
warehouse in the RF, and carry out all the
necessary paperwork


Calculating the cost of logistics services

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Our values


We build open and trusting relationships with our customers in order to work on a long-term basis and in a convenient and efficient manner


We do not classify our customers as «important» or «not important»; instead, we assist both companies operating in foreign trade activities and companies importing goods for the first time

Customer service

We understand how important it is for you to be able to keep track of the cargo’s movement. Therefore, each customer is assigned a personal manager, who stays on top of all stages of the process

We invite you to our office in St. Petersburg

We appreciate personal communication, so if you want to discuss your delivery in the cozy atmosphere of our office, we will be glad to see you

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Examples of completed projects

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Turnkey delivery of spare parts from Europe

Objective: To pick up the spare parts from the manufacturer in Europe, clear them through customs, and delivery them to Russia as part of a consolidated cargo

Lead time: July 2022

Solution: In the process of delivery, the car went through Belarus, where the cargo was cleared by the customs. The cargo was released quickly and the spare parts were delivered to the customer in Russia. The client was kept informed at every stage of the transportation of his goods thanks to the daily updates from our managers

Air delivery of electronic components from China

Objective: To consolidate and deliver consolidated cargo of electronic components from several manufacturers from our warehouse in China to Sheremetyevo airport

Lead time: December 2022

Challenge: Increased demand for air transportation in the period leading up to New Year, low number of planes flying from China, short contract deadlines with the client

Solution: Our managers promptly collected data on the cargo, filled out the air waybills, and submitted the documents for booking in time, which made it possible to fly on the planned dates, despite the flights being postponed several times by the airlines. As a result, the cargo was delivered to Moscow in the shortest possible time. As a result, the cargo was delivered to Moscow in the shortest possible time.

Delivering and registering biosystem correction devices from Bratislava to Moscow

Objective: To deliver and register biosystem correction devices from Bratislava to Moscow

Lead time: October-November 2022

Challenge: In the current environment, any request for shipping and processing customs clearance for cargo from Europe appears to be a challenging task. Queues at borders, refusal on the part of European shippers to cooperate with Russia, coupling of trucks at border crossings - these are just a few of the problems we face when it comes to registering and organizing the logistics for European goods

Solution: Thanks to our well established delivery scheme and friendly European carriers, we were able to execute this order in the shortest possible time - about two weeks from picking up the cargo in

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